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Anonymous: after you take a picture on your 3ds of animal crossing (i am sure you know how to do that part) then click on your home button, press the internet button on your 3ds menu, search in Nintendo 3DS image share and (it shouldn't interrupt your game) then it should be a yellow site and then you can upload your 3ds pictures to any site of your choosing..


OH MY GOD I DID NOT KNOW THIS. i am going to try this haha I thought that I needed to upload by putting the SD card into my laptop but I can’t because the SD card isn’t the right size to fit in and I would need to buy an adapter.

Artist: Lana Del Rey
Album: Once Upon a Dream (from "Maleficent") (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Track: Once Upon a Dream


the way to my heart (take notes boys)

  • stickers
  • mixtapes/playlists in the form of a CD
  • reese’s peanut butter cups
  • temporary tattoos (cats mainly)
  • peach snapple
  • any form of art especially handwritten notes and drawings
  • concert tickets